About Us

CaliforniaDivorce.info was launched as a unique alternative for California residents who are contemplating, in the process of, or who are recovering from a divorce.

This web site was created by a panel of statewide divorce-related experts including attorneys, psychologists, marriage family therapists, accountants and financial advisors, who collectively bring many years of experience to these issues.

Over the years, many of our clients have asked us numerous divorce-related questions. We have also heard many complaints from people who said that finding divorce-related information and getting answers about the specifics of divorce in California, was hard and time-consuming, whether the questions were related to legal, psychological, or financial issues.

In creating this site, we have listened to your questions. We have assembled a panel of experts and we designed this site to serve as a valuable resource which deals with all aspects of divorce. This website will make you a more informed consumer and will help you navigate the divorce maze more easily.

Whether you take the traditional route of hiring an attorney or you elect to mediate or even contemplate a do-it-yourself divorce, this site will guide you through the process, answer your questions, provide you with references to qualified professionals, and help you in weighing the decisions that you are or will be facing.

While the Internet inhabits nationwide divorce-related sites, this, as far as we know, is the first comprehensive site that is focused on divorce as practiced in the State of California. This is important because each state has significantly different divorce laws.

Moreover, this site is dedicated to dealing with the issues of a CALIFORNIA divorce from a collaborative family-centered (children and parents) approach.