Dr. Kristine Turner

Dr. Turner has been in private practice since 1994.  She has worked as a clinician in a wide variety of arenas.  She has served in  emergency services , lead group and individual therapy, and appeared in Court as an expert witness, but her primary area of passion is parenting after divorce.

Dr. Turner has worked for the past 18 years to help families traverse the rocky roads of divorce.  She has prepared countless parenting plans for families going through divorce.  As a divorced parent herself, her efforts have been focused on educating parents about the better and worse paths to divorce.  Dr. Turner’s areas of specialty include therapy, parental coaching, and mediation, as well as parenting after divorce classes for the Courts.

She currently practices in Southmetro Denver and teaches weekly seminars in the Denver metro area, runs an on-line course for parents going through divorce, and has been a regular guest on Denver’s Channel 2/Fox 31 Everyday Show and Douglas County channel 8 TV.

In addition Dr. Turner now hosts her own radio show, “Dealing with Divorce”  for families going through divorce through CastleRockRadio.com