Biggest Concern for Divorcing Couples

Before making the decision to divorce, there are probably thousands of concerns and scenarios that you play out in your head. From family, to children and jobs… the list is never-ending.

Avvo, a legal forum, recently released results from a study stating that couples heading into divorce are most concerned with… the cost of splitting up. However, that was only for couples without children. Couples with children cited custody concerns as their number one fear, with cost of the divorce falling into second.

Given that the average divorce costs $15,000, it’s no surprise that is the #1 and #2 concern for all couples. We are aware of the enormous cost that a divorce process can be, and we do everything we can to reduce or limit the cost for our clients. There are 1,000 other concerns couples face when making this large life transition, the cost to make it happen shouldn’t be the biggest burden throughout the process.