Are California Divorce Rates Rising?

As the economy recovers divorce rates naturally increase. An increase in divorce isn’t looked at positively by most people, but in this case, these are people that couldn’t afford a divorce although they’re unhappy in their marriage… and now they can. Silver lining.

An important factor noted in a Los Angeles Times article is the drop in housing value during the recession. When houses are worth less, the couple’s split income is smaller and it makes it less reasonable to keep a standard of living if separated. however, housing prices improved significantly in certain areas of California.

Another indication is that some divorce attorney have indicated a substantial increase in business over the past year– some attorneys around the nation reporting upwards of 50% increase.

The main reasons a divorce can be very pricey inclue: spousal support, divisions of assets, child support and business valuation. In California, a couple’s assets obtained during the marriage is split evenly. Some thing can’t be split evenly, and this obviously complicates the process.

If you’re thinking of divorce, speak to an experienced family law attorney to ensure that your finances are in order.

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