Divorce Court – What to Wear

As unjust as it may seem, people are often judged by the way they look. If you look neat and are well dressed you will most likely invoke a positive reaction. You have probably heard the old adage, “Clothes make the man or woman.” Most people believe that even though they may deny it.

When you go to Divorce Court here are some tips on how to dress:
                        NO                                                                               YES
T-shirt or tank tops                                                                tops with sleeves
jeans, shorts, or short dresses                                              slacks, skirts at least knee length
flip-flops , sneakers or spiked heels                                     dress shoes , heels of 1” to 2”
tight-fitting or revealing clothes                                           conservative, well fitting clothes
shirts or pants with promotional logos                                neutral or muted colored clothes
dirty clothes                                                                           clean clothes
wrinkled clothes                                                                     well pressed clothes
work out clothes                                                                    clothes you would wear for a job
You don’t need to buy a new suit; you just want to look like a responsible person who respects the court.