Top 10 Emotional Facts About Divorce

  1. The wife may not be able to keep the house.
  2. The husband may need to share his pension.
  3. In divvying up household items, you may not be able to keep your favorite painting or casserole dish.
  4. You may not have as much money as you want, need, or used to have.
  5. You may have to set up a visitation schedule for your family pet.
  6. The kids will go to your ex for permission when you say “no.”
  7. Your old friends may not be your friends anymore.
  8. You may not get invited to couples parties anymore.
  9. You may dread running into your ex with your “replacement.”
  10. It’ s a lonely time — but possibly a time of positive transformation, if you play your cards right.

Article written by Judith Briles, Edwin Schilling III, and Carol Ann Wilson

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