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Christopher F. Cave

Christopher F. Cave is an associate director in the Private Client Group of C. K. Cooper & Company as well as Senior Vice President of Portfolio Management for Paladin Capital Partners, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm.

Mr. Cave joined C. K. Cooper & Company as part of the business combination of Mission Capital Financial Group and C. K. Cooper & Company in July of 2001. Mr. Cave brings an extensive background in servicing individual and corporate investors to the private client group of C. K. Cooper & Company, Inc. While Mr. Cave has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in most aspects of the financial markets, he has developed a specialty in utilizing option contracts to hedge existing equity portfolios and generating additional income from longer term investment positions.

In addition, Mr. Cave is Senior Vice President of Portfolio Management within Paladin Capital Partners. In this capacity, Mr. Cave is responsible for overseeing the research and investment decisions for their market neutral fund, as well as advising on other special investment vehicles. At Paladin Capital Partners Mr. Cave also designs unique investment portfolios for high net worth individuals and smaller institutions.

Mr. Cave attended the University of California at Irvine, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with an emphasis on Corporate Finance. He has traveled extensively throughout Asia and has been a speaker at various seminars and conferences, related to investment strategies and market behavior. In addition, Mr. Cave has provided various forms of consulting services to high technology companies on economic and market conditions in such markets as China and Thailand.

C. K. Cooper & Company is a specialty investment banking/brokerage firm that provides a high level of customer service to both individuals and institutional investors. Through its research department, the firm provides a broad range of research reports with an emphasis on the oil and gas industry within the United States.

Paladin Capital Partners is a wholly owned subsidiary of C & K Capital Corporation and a sister company to C. K. Cooper & Company.

You can contact Christopher Cave at:
Telephone: (949) 477-9300 ext. 2253
Facsimile: (949) 477-9211
E-Mail: ccave@ckcooper.com

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