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Richard Shulman, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard A. Shulman is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in children and adolescents in addition to individual, couple, and family psychotherapy. He graduated from California Graduate Institute in October 1998 with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is also certified in Behavioral Medicine and Psychological Assessment. He is also a credentialed Domestic Violence Group Counselor, a Parent Education and Family Management Teacher, in addition to being certified as a divorce Mediator. 

Dr. Shulman completed internship programs at the Laguna Beach Community Clinic, UCI and West County Counseling Center in Huntington Beach. He has taught hundreds of parenting classes and parenting programs through his private practice, Irvine Unified School District, Capistrano Unified School District, Huntington Beach Unified School District, Western Youth Services, various parent and singles organizations, and religious organizations. In addition, he has conducted dozens of anger management programs for elementary school aged children through the South Orange County Family Resource Center in Mission Viejo. Finally, he has created extensive parenting programs such as: "Parenting 101", "Managing Parental Anger", "Enhancing Morals and Values", "Talking to Children about Terrorism", "Ages and Stages", and "Understanding Stress Management". 

Currently Dr. Shulman does divorce mediation, runs a male batterer's intervention program, and has a private practice in Mission Viejo, California where he employs insight-oriented psychotherapy to help individuals, couples and children develop the tools for coping with life's challenges.

If you would like to contact Dr. Shulman, he may be reached at:
Phone: (949) 347-7711
Email: drshulman@californiadivorce.info

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