Five Pre-Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

When considering divorce, there will be thousands of things swirling through your mind at a million mils per hour. And it’s easy to overlook something or not see something clearly. Debbie Martinez with HuffPost Divorce recently shared these five mistakes people considering divorce often make:

1) Not meeting with a financial planner before mediation. Many people think mediation is the “easier” divorce route, and often times it is. However, it can be an extremely complicated financial process. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have your finances in order because you spent 20 minutes printing out a few documents.

2) Don’t break it off until you’re ready. Have all your ducks in a row and know exactly what you want and the way you see it working out best before you call it off with your spouse.

3) Waiting for the backlash before seeking a support system. Once you divorce or separate your emotions will run wild. Even if you’re glad it’s over, it’s still someone that you made a lifelong commitment to at one point. Be proactive with seeking love and care from friends, family, a therapist, etc.

4) Not being clear with why you want out. If you think you’re doing someone any favors, you aren’t. No one wants the feeling of being “unsure” why their marriage was called off by their spouse. Be as upfront and honest, without being unnecessarily hurtful, when you breakup with your spouse.

5) Quitting your job or cutting back on hours. “Willful unemployment” can completely mess up your financial situation, especially when going through a divorce. It may be a tough time right now, but not working is usually not the best answer.