Your Friend’s Divorcing, Will That Affect Your Marriage?

California Divorce News: Have you every known “the perfect couple?” I’m talking about the couple that always seems happy, seems to have it all together and makes every other couple around them jealous? Well if the that couple divorces, it sends everyone in a whirlwind. If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about. People start wondering how such a great couple could separate, and what that might mean about their marriage. Genuine concern for those people and their children can actually cause us to question our own marriage.

In California, more than 75 percent of marriages end in divorce. So it’s likely these aren’t the first people you’ve been close to that haven’t made it. So how have you made it this far? What set your marriage apart? You both fight too, so how did you get in the lucky 25 percent? Or is it only a matter of time?

These are the types of questions that aren’t helpful. Stay away from them. If your marriage is headed for divorce, you’d probably know it. And someone else’s divorce shouldn’t cause you any more alarm than before about the potential for you to separate.

M. Christian Green, a┬ásenior fellow at the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory University, suggests that divorce truly isn’t a private matter. Green suggests that divorce affects the friends, family, children, neighbors and coworkers of both people divorcing. In fact, many people in their 20’s and 30’s are avoiding marriage altogether because they’ve seen the effects of divorce on too many friends and family.

It’s unfortunately true that divorce can cause a ripple effect, and children of divorce are more likely to divorce. But it’s your life. Every relationship is different and every divorce occurs for a different reason. Your parents’ or your friends’ divorce should carry no weight on the validity of your marriage.