Game Detects Cheating Spouse

Imagine a world with a game that could detect a cheater. What a world that would be. A recent LinkedIn post we stumbled upon provided this fake scenario:

Imagine a game that is essentially a headset that could detect when you see something personal. It would show you pictures of ten kids, one of them being your own. Before your brain could even realize that it was your child, the “personal” light would flash. It would do that with your car, house, job, etc. And then women, assuming it’s a man playing. Several women would flash in front of your eyes, and when your mistress came up, your wife would see the “personal” light flash again. Just like that… marriage over.

The purpose of the post was to beg the question– what would life be like if we truly couldn’t escape the truth? Or when technology exists that detects our life lies every step of the way?

Affairs split apart many marriages, and spouses around the globe have a difficult time being faithful to one another. But if your spouse is only being faithful because there is no way not to get caught, is that even a marriage you want to be in? What’s worse in a future world– a divorce because your spouse cheated or a marriage that exists because your spouse knows the technology won’t allow him/her to cheat?