Holidays– How To Prepare

Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. Going through a divorce or being a single, divorced or separated parent can make life a little bit trickier this season, especially if that’s not what you’re used to.

Author Karen Stewart recently shared these tips we found helpful and we wanted to share them with you.

Plan now. It’s much better to have a game plans far ahead of time so mid-November or December doesn’t bring about a lot of unwanted and additional stress for the holiday season.

For most families there are at least two holidays (or three including Halloween) approaching in the next few months– which makes splitting time a little bit easier. Some tips for planning with your ex:

Grab a cup of coffee together. Talk calmly and logically about what’s going to happen for each additional holiday to make it fair and fun for everyone. Talk to the extended family to see if they can figure out their plans earlier than normal, to make it a little easier on you. Consider the year before and next year before solidifying plans.

To split up Christmas/the holiday season, here are a few options Karen gives:

One parent gets the kids from the beginning of school’s winter break through the 26th; the other gets the kids the 26th until school starts again. Or one parent gets them the 24th and Christmas morning; the other gets the kids Christmas afternoon and the following day (and maybe New Year’s Eve/Day). Or…┬áSplit the season into three segments such as the first part of the holiday with one parent, split the Christmas days like in option #2 and then the other parent for the remainder of the holiday season.

Plan early– it’s the easiest way to avoid stress.