Holidays: How to WIN

A recent blog post from the authors of Love for Grown-Ups discusses a few tips that you can use to not feel like a loser this holiday season. We’ve highlighted a few below:

Find out which days you have the kids ASAP. You don’t want to cook a wonderful Christmas dinner and find out the kids aren’t coming. You also don’t want to plan a trip and realize that it’s your weekend to have the kids.

Don’t play Santa to your ex and his/her new spouse. That’s not your role so don’t feel pressured. If your kids want to give them mom and stepdad a gift, that’s up to them. Try not to get involved.

Don’t let your ex use you as a babysitting service. For obvious reasons, this will dampen your holiday cheer. Figure out a schedule early on and make sure you both stick to it. Make plans outside your house on the days that you don’t have to be home, and be prepared for your kids once they show up.

Plan accordingly. Don’t be rigid or a Grinch. You may not have the kids ON the actual holiday, but you can still plan fun things to do as a family when you do have them. Planning will give you something to do, something to look forward to and it will ensure that you’ll still enjoy every minute of holiday cheer with your children.