How Long Does It Take To Move On

Your divorce or separation could take days, months or years. But how long will it take to move on? First, you may not entirely know once you’ve hit that point. Does moving on mean start dating, not have feelings for your ex, or simply accepting the fact that you’re single?

According to the Wall Street Journal, experts say it can take about two years. This is assuming that the divorce was a traumatic or extremely emotional experience for you. When you experience that type of a loss (of a marriage), experts say, you lose your sense of security and structure. Many of the things that were once a certain way are very different now. Our lives are, essentially, turned upside down.

Given this information, experts recommend that you not jump right into a new relationship. Don’t compare yourself to other or their timeline. Give yourself time to heal and focus on you. This is a chance to have a brand new start. Take advantage of it.