How to Breakup Like a Gentleman

Orange County Divorce Attorney Topics: Men’s Health recently wrote an article about how to break up. We thought it was interesting because we know that the way someone chooses to end a marriage, divorce or separate, can have a substantial affect on the divorce or separation process. Here are the tips:

Don’t be the victim. You may have gotten played and hurt, but playing the victim probably won’t get you anywhere. You might have even been betrayed, but keeping a poker face in front of others shows that you’re the bigger person. And you won’t stoop to her level. Whining, complaining and being overemotional isn’t the answer. Sure, expressing how you feel to your close friends and family is healthy… but playing the victim is entirely different.

Don’t¬†repeatedly¬†insult your ex. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it. Think about it– your friends and family know what she did. Do you think she’ll look any worse by you telling them over and over? Do you think you’ll look any better by telling them constantly why you’re divorcing or separating her? Actually, you’ll look like the bigger person by trying to see things from her perspective and trying your hardest to forgive her. Not only will you look good, but that will help you get over the situation (and her) faster.

Do your own thing. Don’t sit around and sulk. Don’t mull over all the details and keep asking yourself why the marriage didn’t last. You know why it didn’t last, that’s why you ended things. Separations of any kind are hard, and ending a marriage is never easy. But dwelling on the past isn’t going to help your future. Throw on a sharp outfit and go out with friends. It’s not necessary to have a long grieving period, unless you truly need that. Being able to rebound shows confidence, and we all know how attractive confidence is.