Keep Control of Your Finances

We know that divorce can be extremely pricey, and we are dedicated to educating our clients in the ways they can reduce their divorce costs. Starting over a new life after a separation or divorce is hard enough, and debt is the last thing anyone needs when they try to start new.

You should at all times know what your combined expenses are if you’re in a collaborative law divorce case. Traditional litigated cases make it more difficult to find out what your spouse’s expenses have been/are.

Choosing the collaborative law divorce process is one of the easiest ways to reduce divorce costs. Spending money on valuing the real estate or family business are openly discussed between parties with attorneys and a joint CPA until the spouses can come to an agreement.

Another obvious way to keep costs down is, simply, to continuously see what your costs are. Consider opening a new checking account just for your divorce bills. You will be able to easily see where your money is going and how much you are spending. Then you can discuss with your family law attorney how best to reduce those expenses.

These are simple tips, but they can save you thousands of dollars and lots of stress. Be divorce money smart.