What You Should Know About Wage Withholding

Federal and California law both require that all orders regarding child support include an order for a wage assignment. This requirement is designed to ensure prompt payment of child support.

A wage withholding or wage assignment is utilized to deduct court-ordered child support from a party, generally the non-custodial parent.

Once the employer receives Notice of a Wage and Earning Assignment, the employer is required to deduct a specific monthly amount and send it to the Court Trustee for payment to the receiving parent. Under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act of 1998 (UIFSA), employers are required to honor out of state wage assignment orders.

Wage assignments may be issued either by the Court and signed by a Judge, or, they may come from the Child Support Services Department. If the obligor parent wishes to stop or modify the wage assignment, the party can request a court hearing.

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