Money Matters:  Assets & Liabilities
Dividing Debt in Divorce
Unfortunately, its not unusual for couples these days to have more debts than assets.

Where to Search for Hidden Assets During Divorce
Finding and proving unreported income or hidden assets is often difficult.  In some cases, the process is much easier than you think.

Business Valuation Errors
Some of the most common errors made in business valuations in dissolution proceedings

Dividing Debt in Divorce
Where to Search for Hidden Asset During Divorce
Don't Overlook Important Assets in Your Divorce
The Benefits of Being Married Ten Years
Unreported Income and Hidden Assets
How CPAs Analyze Financial Statements in Dissolution Cases
Common Errors in Business Valuations
Employee Stock Options: Valuation, Apportionment, Tax and Other Strategic Issues
The "A" Team: Financial Professionals
Keeping Your Head Above Water
Debt and Divorce