Mother’s Day for Single Moms

This past weekend was Mother’s Day.  It is a day to celebrate all the hard work our moms put into making us grow up to be noble citizens of society.  We oftentimes overlook all the things our moms do in order to maintain a stable and healthy family.  The sacrifices our moms took, even before we are birthed, can be easily taken for granted.  Therefore, it is essential that Mother’s Day is celebrated because it reminds us of our life’s support system, the essence of family.  Unfortunately, some families result in a separation that leaves a mom without her children.  Mandy Walker, a divorce coach, discusses the importance of making a priority of celebrating this special occasion.

For a single mother, it is important to have your children on Mother’s Day.  You want to be able to consistently associate happy memories with this day of celebration in order for your children to realize that they haven’t lost their family just because mom and dad split up. Try to negotiate with your ex-spouse for this particular day to have the children spend with their mother.  If your ex-spouse decides to agree with your cause, make sure to have your agreement amended.  Your local court should be able to provide you with more information regarding the agreement amendment.  It should be a easy process with a small fee.  However, if a negotiation does not seem plausible, celebrate Mother’s Day with your children on another day where all of you are together.  Make it a priority to celebrate this special occasion.  The underlying message your children will start to realize is that these holidays string together to reinforce the fact that you are all a family.  Do not allow yourself to skip a holiday.  When memories are constantly made on the same occasion, especially after divorce, it reassures your children that they are not any different than a family who lives altogether.

Just because it is a holiday, it does not necessarily mean that there needs to be a high-cost production to make mom feel special.  Single mothers get the advantage of teaching their children to show their love in other methods other than buying material objects.  Mothers should teach their children at a young age that acts of love and kindness are more meaningful than purchased gifts.  By creating something and modifying an average day, children will learn to honor everybody they love.  Mother’s Day is just a reminder to stop and appreciate your family.  When children learn to appreciate their family, they will start to also appreciate the people around them.