Online Dating Tips

So much of dating post-divorce is online these days. Technology has made it easier to talk to and flirt with many people at one time. The older you get, the more you feel like you might be the “only” single person around, and online dating can help prove that to be false. But many of us who are recently divorced didn’t date online before we got married, and we’re not sure what it’s like. It can be a little scary, and we wanted to share a few tips with you here:

  • Don’t give out personal information. It’s dangerous, no matter who you are. 
  • Be honest and open. Meeting someone online acting like someone else and then being different person is just wasting everyone’s time.
  • Don’t wait months to meet. Discover early on if you have in-person chemistry. It is different than online chemistry, so don’t waste your time chatting online forever if you don’t know if you’ll enjoy each other’s company.
  • Stop thinking that online dating is only for losers. That isn’t the case (anymore).
  • Try to have fun. Don’t look at every new person as “your next potential spouse” right away.
  • Have a safety friend. Tell someone where you’e going and save a picture of the person you’re meeting. It’s just smart.


Don’t take it too seriously, but know that online dating has a lot of potential. What are you waiting for?