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7 Tips to Make Divorce As Easy As Possible

Posted by on Dec 18, 2013 in Taking Control | 0 comments

Laura Wasser, a celebrity divorce attorney, recently wrote a book detailing the ways that you can divorce without it ruining your life or your bank account. Business Insider outlined those tips, and we thought we’d share them below: 1) Tell your spouse in a loving way. This is divorce step one and it could determine the trajectory of a potentially very long road. Be smart, not combative or rude. You want them not to want to destroy you, so make caring, sensitive choices. 2) Get a good therapist. Divorce is traumatic for almost everyone,...

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Divorce Coping Basics

Posted by on Oct 24, 2013 in Taking Control | 0 comments

A guest post from Dr. Kristine Turner… What is the number one issue between divorcing couples? I believe that control is the number one issue in any relationship and it becomes particularly clear when that relationship is falling apart, i.e. a divorce. How do control issues affect the divorce process? How you act in the divorce process can ultimately determine what the outcome will be. If you expect the courts to decide your future by asking the judge to make the decision, you’ve given the judge the ultimate control. If you take...

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Holidays– How To Prepare

Posted by on Oct 4, 2013 in Parenting | 0 comments

Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. Going through a divorce or being a single, divorced or separated parent can make life a little bit trickier this season, especially if that’s not what you’re used to. Author Karen Stewart recently shared these tips we found helpful and we wanted to share them with you. Plan now. It’s much better to have a game plans far ahead of time so mid-November or December doesn’t bring about a lot of unwanted and additional stress for the holiday season. For most...

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Game Detects Cheating Spouse

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Imagine a world with a game that could detect a cheater. What a world that would be. A recent LinkedIn post we stumbled upon provided this fake scenario: Imagine a game that is essentially a headset that could detect when you see something personal. It would show you pictures of ten kids, one of them being your own. Before your brain could even realize that it was your child, the “personal” light would flash. It would do that with your car, house, job, etc. And then women, assuming it’s a man playing. Several women would...

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