Should I wait for my child to get older to get a divorce?

When is the best time for me to get a divorce? Should I wait for my child to get older so that he can understand why I’m choosing this option?

There is no easy answer for this question. You need to be the judge.

Data shows that children who grow up in a hostile, aggressive, conflict filled, and stressful environment may be worse off than children who grow up in a stable divorced or stable single parent home. Regardless of the age of your child, he will have obstacles to overcome.

  • Typically, younger children (ages three to six) tend to blame themselves and feel responsible for their parents’ divorce.
  • Seven to 12 year olds show a decrease in school performance.
  • Adolescents typically feel they could have prevented the divorce and are also critical of and feel hurt by their parents.

The good news is that within a few years, 67% of all children adjust well to their new environment.

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