10 Ways to Help Your Children Through Divorce

  1. Encourage your children to talk openly about their feelings
  2. Emphasize that the divorce was not their fault
  3. Understand that your children’s behavior may reflect feelings of anger, fear, confusion, sadness and loss. Validate their feelings, allow them to be angry with you
  4. Be honest with your children about the finality of divorce according to what is age appropriate
  5. Keep your children informed about family-life changes such as moving, visitation, activities, schedules, etc.
  6. Remain consistent with established rules and expectations even if they are not the same in the other parent’s household.
  7. Make the effort to spend quality time with each child every day.
  8. Commit to protecting your children from being involved in parental conflict. Agree on co-parenting strategies that benefit the children
  9. Take all necessary steps to ensure a safe and stable home environment
  10. Seek professional help if your children are experiencing unresolved problems in response to your divorce

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