Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Children Out Of The Middle Of Divorce

  •  Do not criticize your former spouse in front of the child.
  • Do not argue with your former spouse in your children’s presence. Be careful not to argue during exchanges of the child.
  • Don’t discuss adult issues such as finances or the details of divorce case in your child’s presence.
  • You should never use your children to deliver messages, money, or anything else to your former spouse.
  • Don’t use your children to spy on the other parent, or to tell you the details of what the other parent is doing, such as whom they are dating.
  • Don’t withhold visitation to punish your former spouse.
  • Do not tell the children that they can choose where they want to live.
  • Assure the children that you and your former spouse still love them and that the separation between you and your spouse is not their fault.
  • Assure your child that they will continue to see both parents on a regular basis, and will be well taken care of by both parents.
  • Be on time and punctual regarding all visitation and exchanges.

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