Heart & Mind:  Children & Divorce

Should You Stay Together for the Sake of the Children? The decision to stay in or leave an unhappy marriage is one of the most difficult choices that you will ever have to make, especially when children are involved.

Thank God It's Over
I was four when I found out that my parents were getting a divorce, so I don't remember many the events around the divorce.

Child Custody: The 730 Evaluation

Keeping Family Together
The Danger of Continuing Conflict
Should You Stay together for  the Sake of the Children?
Thank God It's Over
Quick Takes: Q &  A
What effect will my divorce have on my children?
Should I wait for my child to get older to get a divorce?
What are some signs that my child needs professional help in coping with our divorce?
Talking to the Kids
For the Kid's Sake
Give a Reason for Your Divorce
Helping Children Understand Divorce
Children's Understanding of Divorce by Age Group 
Activities for Helping Children Deal With Divorce
Sibling Relationships in Divorced Families
Using Books to Talk to Children About Divorce 
Other Resources for Children and Divorce
730 Custody Evaluation
730 Custody Evaluation Process
Divorce Resources and links