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Raising a Winner:
The ball's in Your Court

Playing fairly on and off the field is more than just winning or losing a game. It's about creating a winning attitude towards life.

Discipline vs. Punishment
They are not the same thing

Dating, Sex, and the Single Parent
As most divorced adults eventually resume a social life, dating enters the picture.  It is probably one of the more difficult things a child must become accustomed to.   It's not easy on you, either!

Cooperative parenting is a process whereby parents living apart agree to act jointly in the best interests of their children.  This co-parenting agreement is something that you may wish to agree to.

My Father's Voice
A voice from afar can touch a child's heart.
A Long-Distance Fathering Story

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Raising a Winner
Discipline and Punishment are Not the same thing
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Dating, Sex, and the Single Parent
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My Father's Voice:
A Long-Distance Fathering Story
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