Solving Divorce

Think of divorce as a problem to be solved, not a war to be won. This mentality will greatly benefit you long-term. Just like most problems, there are things you can do to minimize the stress and find the solution. These were shared by divorce coach Deborah Moskovitch for HuffPost:

1) Separation┬ácounseling: Most couples won’t consider this, they’ll simply try to run away as fast as possible. But seeing a professional can help you tremendously take the necessary steps to move on.

2) Financial advisor: one of the most challenging aspects of divorce is finance. You’ll want help during the divorce and after the divorce to make sure your personal finances are in order.

3) Realistic expectations: don’t go after assets that aren’t yours. Don’t try to gain sole custody or outrageous spousal support if you don’t deserve it. Set realistic goals.

4) Legal vs non-legal disputes: Know the difference between what you should discuss in-court, and what you shouldn’t. And for everyone’s sake, try to solve your problems like adults outside of the courtroom just like you’d have to in the courtroom.