Steve Harvey’s Divorce Tips

Steve Harvey is a popular daytime talk show host that is well-respected. He recently earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and he shares his top 5 divorce tips. These tips are in regard to parenting and divorce with children involved… which we all know can be a huge challenge. We were curious to see what Steve would have to say. What do you think of these five tips? Are there any others that deserve to make the cut?

Don’t discuss it with your kids. Lying isn’t a good option, but your kids don’t need to know the particulars. You’ll probably just ensure they need even more therapy if you provide them with all the dirty details.

Don’t speak poorly of your ex when your children are present. Contrary to what your emotions may tell you… that makes you look bad just like you’re making him/her look bad. It helps NO ONE.

Remind your children that they should love both parents. Your children are smarter than you might realize, and trying to convince them not to love their other parent will only make things worse for everyone.

Teach your children forgiveness. There’s a good chance they have some feelings of bitterness regarding the divorce. You need to lead by example and teach your children how to forgive both of you for breaking the family apart. Some children will be more understanding than others… but be patient and love them to the best of your ability.