Tips for Men

People often stress how difficult divorce can be for women, but it can be just as tough for men. In fact, research shows that men typically recognize that their marriage is in trouble later than women do. This can make accepting the divorce and moving on that much harder. It is important to us as divorce attorneys to ensure that you are also emotionally ok, and we’ve provided a few tips below.

1. Stay active and eat well. Being healthy is one of the most important aspects of taking care of yourself. Your emotional health will greatly benefit form your physical health. Besides, it may be time to start dating soon and you want to be in your best shape!

2. Start over. Not many people can say they have that chance. This is probably your only opportunity to redefine who you are. You are no longer half-defined by someone else. Redefine what it means to be you and take advantage of this post-divorce opportunity.

3. Build your support team. It’s not uncommon for many divorced men to suffer from depression, anxiety, alcohol/drug abuse, suicidal thoughts, etc. Know that it is a possibility and take care of it before it’s a reality. Reach out to those closest to you and form accountability with him. Make sure they know where your head and heart are at, and they’ll be there help you up if you fall.

4. Forgive your ex. This might be the hardest one to do, especially considering all the thousands of reasons you may have divorced. This is substantially easier for some men than it is for others, because of very different scenarios… but we can all probably let go of at least one thing she/he did that we’re still upset about. You already know this but we’ll say it again– it’s only hurting you!

5. Communicate. If you can forgive her/him, try to have a decent, functioning relationship. Especially if you have children, it’s not good for ANYONE involved to have two parents that can’t stand each other and don’t communicate. Even if you have to fake it til you make it, try to be civil and, dare we say, friends… with your ex.