7 Tips to Make Divorce As Easy As Possible

Laura Wasser, a celebrity divorce attorney, recently wrote a book detailing the ways that you can divorce without it ruining your life or your bank account. Business Insider outlined those tips, and we thought we’d share them below:

1) Tell your spouse in a loving way. This is divorce step one and it could determine the trajectory of a potentially very long road. Be smart, not combative or rude. You want them not to want to destroy you, so make caring, sensitive choices.

2) Get a good therapist. Divorce is traumatic for almost everyone, and absolutely everyone could use a professional to talk to.

3) Get an even better attorney. There are thousands of family law attorneys. Pick one that is experienced in exactly what you are going through, comes highly recommended and clearly puts their clients’ interests about all else.

4) Don’t try to hide your assets. This is the digital age and if you hide your assets it will come back to bit you. Someone will find out, the judge will frown upon that and reward your spouse with more than he/she may deserve.

5) Avoid divorce court. This is much easier said than done, but divorce is much less painful if/when you can avoid court.